How it all started

Assignments! Yes, it all began with assignments at Urban Fellowship, around various topics and subjects. Four of us came together to use the idea of board games in order to answer questions. So, instead of writing hundreds of words, or making a deck, we made board games.

It was interesting and fun to understand the process of urbanisation and it nuances through board games. Little had we imagined that it would grow up to be an organisation.

Who we are

The adventurers

Nikhila Anoth

Favorite game : Dixit

Tango dancer

India Urban Fellow 2016-17

Media production and business development


Nikhil Jain

Favorite game : Scotland Yard

Cyclist and Trekker

India Urban Fellow 2016-17

Game design and product management




Our mentors

Gautam Bhan | Research Mentor
Swastik Harish | Design Mentor
Kapil Kaul | Business Mentor